With over 75 years of combined technical experience,   Mears
Automotive is an automotive repair business dedicated to the
repair and maintenance of customer vehicles.  We sell labor and
parts on all domestic and most foreign brands of automobiles and
light trucks.  We have highly skilled technicians who are at the top
of their field and offer knowledgeable and  high quality
maintenance and repairs.  

Mears Automotive is also dedicated to offering the best customer
service in the area.  We go the extra mile to make our customers
feel welcome and do whatever we can to make their experience
with us pleasant.  We offer to pick up customer vehicles or provide
a ride to work or home.  We use quality parts and stand behind our
work.  If a part fails within the warranty period, we will repair or
replace that part free of charge.   We provide a clean and safe
environment for our customers and employees by meeting all
OSHA safety standards and keeping our equipment up to date and
well maintained.